I have been practicing as a psychologist for more than 25 years in South Africa and the United Kingdom National Health Service Trust. For the past four years I have worked in the Netherlands, mostly online and with expats. As our post-covid world is gradually changing back to more face-to-face interactions, I am looking forward to again meet my clients in person.


Through my studies and professional work in neuropsychology I have come to appreciate the brain's role in our human experiences. This provides a resources to draw from in order to determine how you want to change a response to this moment in your life. Our brain makes new connections best in cooperation with others. When we feel stuck, we use relationships to facilitate our growth.

I draw from the psychological theories I have learnt, my experience and my knowledge about the human brain to assist you to understand your specific experience of emotions, cognitions, behaviors and relations. Together we can determine the best way to use your resources to continue with your journey of becoming what you want from life.

As humans we have the unique ability to utilize the challenges that life gives us for personal growth. However, sometimes we get stuck. This may be caused by overwhelming changes, not having the luxury of sufficient time or choice, blocked access to resources and answers, or lacking the necessary hope, energy and confidence to become mobilized.

As a psychologist I help you ‘read’ what your current situation requires and with making those changes.

Certificates & Qualifications


  • NIP 234984 (Netherlands)
  • BPS 87255  Associate Fellow (UK)
  • HPCSA PS0053457 (South Africa) 
  • BHF 8634327 (South Africa)
  • AGB code (personal): 94110980
  • AGB code (practice): 94060459